Why Being?

Tim Leeming

3 min read

Tim from Being Chiropractic in Gympie performing an adjustment on one of his patients with gentle care.

Many of our wonderful patients and practice members over the years have remarked about how what we do is “different”.  They say something like “I’ve been to other chiropractors before, but it was nothing like this”.

We proclaim it on our website and digital ads as well, that at Being we’ve got a powerful point of difference.  So, what is it?  What makes Being Chiropractic Studio different to other chiropractors or healthcare providers in the region?

First of all, we’re incredibly thorough and we don’t guess, we test.  The most common comments we hear from new patients is how thorough their initial consultation and report was, and that they feel truly seen and heard. 

We make a point of having both your chiropractor and one of our talented and lovely technical chiropractic assistants (CA) in the room during your initial consultation.  Together, your chiropractor and CA will move through a detailed series of questions and physical assessment to gain a deep insight into your presenting complaints or health issues, your history, and your lifestyle.

We also use state-of-the-art, science-backed assessment protocols, including a method of functional X-rays (for those patients who need it) that is currently very unique and rarely used in our area.  So, part of our thoroughness is that we use assessment and analysis that you can’t find anywhere else and therefore we’re often able to find the answers to people’s problems that they haven’t found elsewhere.

At Being Chiropractic Studio, we’re 100% focused on you and the outcomes you’re seeking to achieve.  This means that the recommendations we make for your chiropractic care with us are based on two major factors:

  1. Your current state of wellbeing (i.e. how injured/sick/healthy you are when you first come to see us)

  2. How motivated you are to get better (i.e. your goals and what you want to achieve)

We aren’t hindered or burdened by other factors that commonly influence some of our healthcare colleagues; things like waiting for GP referrals, specialist or imaging consultations, or any other waitlists for that matter.  There are no external influences on you getting the care you need at Being, because we’re independent and patient-centred.

We educate and empower our community.  When you become a patient at Being Chiropractic Studio, you will have an abundance of opportunity to learn about holistic and natural healing.  You will be taught how to live long and prosper!  Throughout your care, we dedicate ourselves to teaching you the principles and foundations of wellbeing, so that you are armed with the knowledge and confidence to avoid following the crowds of Australians who succumb to chronic illness and injury every day.  When you commit to educating yourself with the information that we can teach you, you and your family’s future can look entirely different.  Think resilience, longevity and happiness.

You only need to spend a few moments with any one of our chiropractors to see and understand what we’re talking about here – our chiropractors are some of the most vibrant and healthy people you will meet.  This is an important consideration when choosing who to listen to about your own health – how healthy is the person teaching you?  Sadly, many of our leaders and policy makers in the area of public health do not appear to be very healthy at all.

There are many, many reasons why Being is uniquely placed to help you achieve things you’ve never previously been able to,  These few here are just the beginning!  Wait until you step inside our beautiful, bespoke, light-filled studio.  We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Amanda in the new patient room at Being Chiropractic

May New Patient Offer – $99


  • Discovery Consultation
  • Neurostructural Assessment
  • Functional X-rays (if clinically indicated)


  • Report of Findings (follow-up visit to be scheduled after your initial consultation)
  • First adjustment included!

New Patient Initial Consultations are open to all ages. X-rays are available onsite and included in this offer if clinically indicated and recommended by your chiropractor.