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Two individuals in conversation, one seated on a chair with plants nearby, in a well-lit room with several informative posters about chiropractic care provided by a Gympie Chiropractor

Are you sick and tired of being sore and tired?

Our team of three chiropractors, along with our excellent clinical assistants are highly trained and experienced, ready to help you out of pain and restore you to balance, strength and vitality.

We utilise research-backed methods in a state-of-the-art studio to uncover the root cause of your issues or whatever is holding you back from being your best.

We’ve helped over 4500 beings since 2015, delivering over 110,000 adjustments to the active individuals and growing families of the wider Gympie region.

Do you need our help?

About Us​

Being Chiropractic Studio is the home of Gympie’s trusted experts in natural health and wellbeing (formerly Cooloola Family Chiropractic).  CFC has served the active individuals and growing families of the wider Gympie region for the better part of a decade.

Being Chiropractic Studio is set to expand upon this legacy, providing an amplified health and wellbeing experience that is totally unique and remarkable.

Being Chiropractic Studio is the natural evolution of a vibrant team who continue to passionately provide holistic and natural health care – through the art, philosophy and science of chiropractic – to the people of Gympie.

The team at Being Chiropractic are experienced with treating all ages

We do things differently

  • We don’t guess, we test.
  • Our process is thorough – probably more thorough than you have ever experienced in a healthcare environment.
  • We are 100% focused on helping you to achieve the things that matter most to you.  Our care is results-driven and based on the targets and goals you’d like to achieve.  We seek to understand the “why” behind the results you are looking for.
  • Our chiropractic care is holistic, combining the most effective, tried, and tested techniques of the past century with forward thinking practices and approaches that continue to transpire in today’s evolving world.  We considerately weave scientifically proven protocols with progressive and emerging advancements in the field, providing you a well-rounded approach to health and healing that is tailored to you.
  • Our chiropractic care is brain-based. We focus our assessment, analysis and adjustments primarily on your neuroskeleton (spine & skull + spinal cord & brain).  These central structures hold the key to health and healing throughout the rest of your body, because they command and coordinate all bodily functions.  Your organs, limbs and everything in-between are controlled by your brain, and communicate with your brain via your spine.
  • We honour the intelligence that naturally exists within your body.  Our expertise is in facilitating this incredible intelligence to reorganise and restore your body and mind to a state of strength, balance and harmony.  Essentially we help your body to fix itself, exactly the way it is designed to do.

Ready to get started?