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Sleep, Fatigue & energy

“I haven’t slept well in years!”… “Not since having children”.. “I’m a shift worker.”

Maybe none of the above comments are coming from you, but you definitely struggle to fall asleep or to sleep through the night without frequent waking.  It’s slowly wearing you down, making you more zombie-like as the years go by and it feels like not even the strong coffee is working like it used to.

You’ve tried out the “natural” remedies like melatonin, and even the heavy stuff your GP prescribed.  But that leaves you feeling as groggy as a champagne hangover and you’re not too thrilled about using pharmaceuticals so often.

“Tired but wired” is a term often thrown around nowadays to describe the pervasive symptoms of a society of people who are burnt out or simply struggling to sustain steady energy levels throughout the day.  And then, suffering with an incapacity to get a good night’s sleep.

Energy levels, mental clarity and our sleep-wake cycle are all intimately linked via the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).  Your CNS controls and coordinates all bodily functions, from digesting your food to pumping blood to your muscles while you run or workout.  How energetic and vibrant you feel (or not) and how well your body clock works is all to do with how well your brain can communicate with and coordinate all other organ systems in your body (i.e. digestive, hormonal, reproductive, muscular, etc).

Your spine is like a suit of armour that protects your spinal cord.  Your spine is also quite literally the “highway” to and from your brain.  Quite simply, if your spine does not move well and function efficiently, your energy levels and your ability to regulate bodily rhythms such as the sleep-wake cycle can begin to decline.

Chiropractic care, as we provide it, seeks to assess and analyse the neurostructural system (spine and nerve system) for any inefficiencies.  If stored stress, pressure or tension is found in the joints of the spine, then careful chiropractic adjustments provided by skilled and experienced chiropractors can be a very effective method for reducing the associated symptoms and restoring efficiency.

Our thorough assessment protocols aim to identify the exact cause of your fatigue, and whether our signature care is appropriate for you. We utilise unique functional X-rays – where clinically indicated – allowing us to immediately look deeper and uncover the underlying cause of your pain or problem.

The information we gather at your initial consultation allows us to select the most effective technique, ensuring we are delivering gentle, accurate and results-driven chiropractic care that is tailored to your specific needs.

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Book An Initial Consultation

Schedule a time to meet with one of our chiropractors and experience our signature neurostructural assessment. You’ll have the opportunity to speak to one of our friendly team before you visit us, to ask any questions and be sure that we’re the right team and place to help you.


Be Informed and Choose Your Path

Following an Initial Consultation, your chiropractor will guide you through a comprehensive Report of Findings at which you’ll learn what the cause of your problem is, how to fix it, how long it will take what it will cost. You’ll have all of the information you need to make an educated decision that best suits your intentions.


Overcome Pain and Experience Wellbeing

As you move through our holistic chiropractic care, you’ll experience so much more than just being adjusted to relieve symptoms. You will have the opportunity to understand how to live a lifestyle that is aligned with nature and all its benefits. You’ll learn about the four foundational pillars of health, so that you can expand and grow into a stronger, happier and more resilient you.

Amanda in the new patient room at Being Chiropractic

May New Patient Offer – $99


  • Discovery Consultation
  • Neurostructural Assessment
  • Functional X-rays (if clinically indicated)


  • Report of Findings (follow-up visit to be scheduled after your initial consultation)
  • First adjustment included!

New Patient Initial Consultations are open to all ages. X-rays are available onsite and included in this offer if clinically indicated and recommended by your chiropractor.