Pain-Free Pregnancy: is it possible?

Tim Leeming

2 min read

A man and woman sitting on a massage table.

Pregnancy is one of nature’s most incredible displays of beauty and brilliance.  However, we know that almost every pregnancy will have moments when the expectant mother would describe it as anything but beautiful and brilliant!

You may be wondering, can a healthy pregnancy happen with little to no pain throughout the entire term?

Yes, absolutely it can.  We’ve seen it many times.

But every pregnancy is different; from one woman to the next, and even from one child to the next within the same mother.  Having an expectation of avoiding pain or discomfort is very likely to lead to upset and potential suffering. 

Instead, knowing that there are tools, techniques, and practices accessible to you right here at home that are proven to help expectant mums better manage their comfort during pregnancy and labour is a more productive thought process to give your energy to.

As dedicated family chiropractors we are trained, experienced and passionate about helping whole families to grow and thrive the natural way.  In our opinion, the natural way is the only way to truly thrive long term!  Every single day in our studio we consult with and care for all walks of life.  From newborns only hours or days old, to great grandparents in their 80s, to hard working tradesmen and school teachers, we help them all.

Expectant mothers are a particularly special niche group inside our studio because we see our responsibility in helping the next generation to have the strongest possible start to life.  We make every effort we can to help mum and bubs enjoy a pregnancy and birth with as little intervention as possible… again, the natural way!

Having a holistic chiropractor on your team before, during and after your pregnancy is one of the best things you can do to help manage pain and discomfort if it does come up.  Research indicates positive outcomes in a number of commonly challenging areas for pregnant women, including mobility, pain levels and also time spent in labour.

At Being Chiropractic Studio we take a collaborative and well-rounded approach to assisting pregnant mothers on their journey.  As well as providing excellent chiropractic care we offer nurturing support through gentle exercises, lifestyle advice and referrals to other experts when needed.

We firmly believe that our chiropractic care can elevate your chances of having a much more beautiful and brilliant pregnancy.  If you’ve got questions about anything, we are here for you – our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Wishing you all the best on this special journey!

Amanda in the new patient room at Being Chiropractic

May New Patient Offer – $99


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