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Meet the team

A man with short hair and a beard is wearing a light gray shirt standing against a wooden plank background.

Dr Tim Leeming

Chiropractor &
Creator of Being Chiropractic

Tim blends his expertise in the art of chiropractic technique, nutrition, exercise physiology, breathwork and meditation to provide a uniquely holistic and grounded approach to healing.  Click here to learn more about Tim and to book online.

A man with glasses and a short beard smiles at the camera in front of a wooden wall, wearing a black collared shirt.

Dr Mike Melling-Williams


Mike has studied and utilised a wide range of healing techniques, some focusing on mental and emotional alignment, as well as our foundational manual techniques.  His wealth of experience and love for humanity is magnetic.  Click here to learn more about Mike and to book online.

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Dr Lydia Davis


Lydia brings a beautifully holistic background to her practice, having previously trained and served as a yoga instructor and more recently serving underprivileged communities of India on a mission trip.  Lydia has a gentleness and calm presence about her that inspires recuperation and healing.  Click here to learn more about Lydia and to book online.